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Review for Space Interior Design

I have so much to say about Leslie and her fabulous work but, I will do my best to be brief. I’d give her 10 more stars if I could.

MORE SPACE: leslie is amazing at finding space in your home. Every room that she worked on feels bigger, brighter and less cluttered. She easily gave me 10 times more storage than I had previously. Every space in my home is utilized to its fullest potential. We have some truly functional and amazingly beautiful build-ins that she designed. I don’t know how I lived without them.

STYLE: Leslie’s eye for style is fantastic. I love her eye and she’s very hip. She’s even more talented in being able to draw out MY style. My home looks like ME. She took my incoherent ideas and thoughts and turned them into a truly beautiful and unique home. She took the time to understand me, my family, our routines, and life. She designed a gorgeous home that WORKS for us.

HIGH/LOW: leslie knows where to spend money and where to save it. We have some spectacular pieces in perfect spots and highly functional but less expensive peices in other places.

FRIEND: Leslie understands that construction on your HOME is a very disruptive and stressful experience. She was with me through every frustration like a best friend. She’s so empathetic and really puts her heart into her work.

She’s the best. I’d hire her again for anything!