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Chotsie Greyson, Reworks Renovations
Leslie is a really rare talent – as an artist she notices every detail – she can take her clients to the very edge that they can comfortably go! Always a stunning living environment.

We needed a designer with an architect’s skill set. Leslie was an incredible find. She has a great design sense coupled with a remarkable grasp of construction – uncommon in designers. She kept a close eye on the budget. C. Perrette MORE>

I loved working with Leslie. What sets her apart from everyone else is that she pours her heart and soul into her work.
H. Mandel MORE>

Leslie deftly incorporates her many years of experience and knowledge, making the design process easy, exciting and fun. J. and F. Leo MORE>

We have been extremely pleased with all the work Leslie has done for us. Not only does she possess a great sense of design, style and color but she is extremely efficient. L. Sablosky MORE>

Leslie designed and helped execute everything for us in our new home! Completely over delivered. Love everything. Z. Nitsun

Leslie is a pleasure to work with. She is professional. She was always prompt to respond to any questions I would have. She would work with the contractor to make sure that my kitchen matched up to my vision.
B. Rosenberg

Review for Space Interior Design
I have so much to say about Leslie and her fabulous work but, I will do my best to be brief. I’d give her 10 more stars if I could.

MORE SPACE: leslie is amazing at finding space in your home. Every room that she worked on feels bigger, brighter and less cluttered. She easily gave me 10 times more storage than I had previously. Every space in my home is utilized to its fullest potential. We have some truly functional and amazingly beautiful build-ins that she designed. I don’t know how I lived without them.

STYLE: Leslie’s eye for style is fantastic. I love her eye and she’s very hip. She’s even more talented in being able to draw out MY style. My home looks like ME. She took my incoherent ideas and thoughts and turned them into a truly beautiful and unique home. She took the time to understand me, my family, our routines, and life. She designed a gorgeous home that WORKS for us.

HIGH/LOW: leslie knows where to spend money and where to save it. We have some spectacular pieces in perfect spots and highly functional but less expensive peices in other places.

FRIEND: Leslie understands that construction on your HOME is a very disruptive and stressful experience. She was with me through every frustration like a best friend. She’s so empathetic and really puts her heart into her work.

She’s the best. I’d hire her again for anything!

What we love about Leslie Newman Rhodes is that no project is too small. Leslie took care of everything. We highly recommend calling Leslie for literally any unresolved details in your home: She is very easy-going and speedy as well.
N. Staudt and L. Epstein

Working with Leslie is a pleasure. She is thoughtful and she listens. She is truly one of the most creative people I know. Leslie took my ideas and gave them form and function. The results are well beyond anything I could have imagined. Greenberg MORE>

Leslie Newman Rhodes is one of the most talented Interior Designers that I have ever encountered. She has vision, talent, organization, and integrity. N. Bodenheimer, Cure

Leslie is involved throughout the whole process and acts as director to a project. Everyone gets to shine. Leslie is the conductor of this symphony of power tools!  Dan, Legacy, Woodwork

I’m glad that my Chicago team will get to work with such a talented designer. M. Polu, Sliding Door Company

Leslie is a dream to work with. Her knowledge of design is sharp and focused. She can see the project before its even complete so you can trust her vision when she is pulling fabrics, furniture and finishes. I highly  recommend using Leslie, you won’t regret it.

I have been and continue to be extremely impressed with Leslie and I give her the highest recommendation.

Leslie has helped transform my condo into a beautiful, modern, sleek, personable and fun home where I can both entertain friends and have an oasis from my hectic life.  She is great at helping prioritize, work within a budget, create an overall vision, and keep everything on track.

I had never gone through the process of doing any work to a home or decorating. I needed somebody to help me think through what I wanted to get out of the space and create more of an overall strategy.

Leslie worked with my contractor to create a project list and prioritize what should be done and when. Every step of the way, Leslie was involved making sure the initial work was proceeding as planned. We truly transformed the condo and I’m so pleased with all the work we did together.

Leslie put together a fantastic combination of items from places like West Elm and Crate and Barrel, along with one-of-a-kind pieces from local shops that would make for a unique and customized living space. She is patient in working with somebody who is a novice with home design and has difficulties making decisions. She is truly a treasure.
M. Oxman