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Leslie’s ideas were brilliant. The space is everything I could have hoped.
C. Perrette’s comments continued:

We asked Leslie to transform an awkward, dilapidated space on the top floor of a classic Lake Shore Drive building into a clean, contemporary office. The space’s great potential (Lake Michigan views and 300 usable square feet) was matched only by its insane challenges (different level floors, all different ceiling heights, unusually angled walls and pipes running everywhere).  We needed a designer with an architect’s skill set. Leslie was an incredible find.

Leslie immediately saw past the challenges and designed for us a beautiful, expansive office space with ingenious and elegant solutions to the numerous structural obstacles we faced.  She has a great design sense coupled with a remarkable grasp of construction – uncommon in designers. It was so helpful during the design phase to have her contractor’s knowledge of what’s possible and what’s not, what is a necessary cost and what’s not, and who will be the best person for what work. Furthermore, she kept a close eye on the budget and was always very mindful to present the cost implications of different decisions.

Working with Leslie was supremely enjoyable and easy because she makes herself very available for questions and she stays very focused on your taste and needs. She always listened to what we wanted and always made sure we knew what was happening. Best of all, she followed all the construction details so closely that it enabled us to step back during the renovation with total confidence that it was in her very good hands.

I almost wish we had another renovation project because it was such a pleasure to work with Leslie.

…she pours her hear and soul into her work!
H. Mandel’s comments continued:

I loved working with Leslie. What sets her apart from everyone else, is that she pours her heart and soul into her work. She has remodeled my life. Ever time I walk into my kitchen I get tears in my eyes.

She created a functional, organized, visually aesthetically and pleasing home for us, one that I marvel at every time walk through the door. Leslie decorated my entire house for me and oversaw a large addition project. She created a beautiful home for my family.

The name of her company, Space Design, fits perfectly. She is a master at designing spaces that flow and achieve maximum functionality.

Over the past five years Leslie has worked on various projects for me and the results have consistently astounding. She took my children’s tiny, dark bathroom and made it bright and appear larger than it is. They now have more storage space than we have in our master bathroom!

For an addition to the first floor of our house, she was able to reconfigure our mudroom/laundry room into separate rooms: a mudroom with lockers, huge laundry room, huge coat closet, and pantry.  It was a complicated job because there were lots of strange angles. Again, the results were more than I thought could be achieved with such a small space.

Leslie always listened to me and what my likes are with furniture, colors and always delivered what I had envisioned.