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creative solutions, consultation, direction, collaboration and supervision, residential and commercial


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Our home is now exactly how I hoped it would be.
J. and F. Leo’s comments continued:

Leslie deftly incorporates her many years of experience and knowledge, making the design process easy, exciting and fun. She has the ability to seamlessly build rooms from the outer shell to their final touches, greatly improving functionality a well as style.

Listening carefully, she is always open to new ideas and inspiration and gently nudges you out of your comfort zone, helping you to broaden your perception of what your space can be. Creative, professional, and enthusiastic, Leslie designs great living spaces created specifically for you.

Our home is now exactly how I hoped it would be. It’s beautiful and we love it.

…she possess a great sense of design…
L. Sablosky’s comments continued:

We have been extremely pleased with all the work Leslie has done for us. Not only does she possess a great sense of design, style and color but she is extremely efficient and competent in making sure work is done quickly and meets her high standards. Leslie has supervised some difficult installations for us and the end results have been perfect. She brings great resourcefulness and energy to her work and has been a real pleasure to do business with.